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2024 results

Over 25,000 young people across Hampshire voted in this year's consultation. The young people of Hampshire voted Climate Change and the Environment as their top issue for 2024 which has been the top issue for Hampshire since 2019.

Health and well-being was a close second in Hampshire and was voted the most important issue for young people across the UK. Crime and safety was also voted as a major concern for young people in both Hampshire and across the UK.

Make Your Mark 2022 Results

Young people across Hampshire voted environmental issues as their top concern in this year’s ‘Make Your Mark’ consultation. Hampshire ranked second in the UK for participation in the consultation, with 17,385 votes cast in total.

Young people in Hampshire were able to vote on a number of topics through the Hampshire Youth Parliament network and, for the second year running, placed ‘Environment’ at the top of their priorities with 4,260 votes. Jobs, money, homes and opportunities came in second place with 3,532 votes and health and wellbeing followed closely behind with 3,457 votes. This aligns to the national picture, which saw health and wellbeing and jobs, money, homes and opportunities voted in first and second place respectively.

The Hampshire results will help to steer the direction of Hampshire Youth Parliament’s campaign plans during 2022-2024.

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